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TEACHER TRAINING english education, starting October 16th, 2020

International ŚivaŚakti Yoga Teacher Training (500+ hours) BDY/EYU


Are you considering enrolling in a yoga teacher training program? Welcome to the first step of what’s going to be an incredible journey! As you’ve found through your personal practice, yoga has a transformative, healing, and inspiring nature that helps you to live your life more fully. Whether you aspire to teach yoga or you’re simply interested in learning more, a yoga teacher training will elevate your practice — and your life — in ways you never thought possible.

We are happy to introduce the first International ŚivaŚakti Yoga Teacher Training (500+ hours) BDY/ EYU, offered in English, taking place at the Yoga Akademie Berlin, starting October 16th-18th, 2020. We are a team of international teachers who have pooled together our wealth of experience in spiritual practice, knowledge of yoga philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga anatomy, teaching skills, core stability and yoga psychology, to create a teacher training that is comprehensive and is extremely accessible. Through the training, you’ll learn more about yourself as both a student and a teacher, while gaining the tools you need to begin sharing your love of yoga with others. You will benefit from an extensively developed and holistic curriculum which is a result of years of dedication and love of yoga. Welcome to the ŚivaŚakti yoga teacher training at the Yoga Akademie Berlin. The training is limited in 10 students, and 6% of the price of your training will be invested in to a charity project.

There are two strong pillars upon which our teacher training structure is based. The first pillar, or the “Grounding” phase of your training, is based upon expanding your experience in yoga practice. You will explore the asanas, developing clarity, understanding and precision in your approach to alignment. You will learn the art of breathing, practicing powerful pranayama techniques. You will delve into meditation, deepening your awareness in contemplation and stillness. Your very own practice becomes the solid ground, a strong base from which you will teach and share your unique approach to yoga, having mastered your yoga instrument.

The second pillar, or the “Growing” phase of your training, supports your inner growth as a Yogi / Yogini. You will deepen your awareness of self, questioning your values in life. You will reflect upon your ethical behaviour and how you relate to others and your environment. This phase of the training is intended to awaken your higher potential as a human being, transcending past conditioning in order to become more clear and free. This transparency will help you guide your students towards the light of the inner self.

The ŚivaŚakti teaching style uniquely combines the wisdom of yoga through its ancient, classical and holistic practices, with the findings of modern, Western-oriented science. The ŚivaŚakti practice was conceived to bring back the balance between body and mind and to integrate this awareness into all aspects of life. The structure of the practice has 8 limbs that systematically move awareness through the layers of your being. As a trainee, you will learn how to guide your students through this structure and into a deep experience of themselves.
We warmly welcome you to our information evening on September 20th at 18:00, at the Yoga Akademie Berlin. Here we will share more insight about the teacher training and will be available to answer any of your questions.

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